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have no ideas? want to start something?

I don’t even have an idea. But I want to start something. Help!?

You’re here because it seems everyone has cool ideas and are pursuing interesting things. But, you don’t even have an idea.Do you feel lost? Let me help, quickly. First, the best thing you can do is get involved in a market. ANY market.What do you spend your free time on? What type of content do … I don’t even have an idea. But I want to start something. Help!? Read More »

When Starting, Look For Early Signals

4 years ago, I was pursuing an idea with the backing and help of a successful venture capitalist. Our idea was to create NFTs for entertainers, which would enable them to connect with (and reward) their fans in unique ways. This idea isn’t revolutionary today, but 4 years ago, it was well ahead of the … When Starting, Look For Early Signals Read More »

I Have My Idea.  Now What?

Hopefully we’ve helped you think through your idea a little.  Our AI possibly has given you feedback about market opportunity, legal issues and potential customers.  You’re all set and ready to begin.  Right? Now what? First, you need to make sure your intuition is correct.  AI is helpful, but AI doesn’t know your potential customers … I Have My Idea.  Now What? Read More »

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